Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The differences between common Ray Ban sunglasses and Ray Ban polarized sunglasses

The differences between common Ray Ban sunglasses and Ray Ban polarized sunglasses.
  Nowadays,there are so many kinds of cheap Ray Ban sunglasses.Some of them will be some polarizing on label words.So many people don’t know  what is the difference between a polarized and common sunglasses.In fact,the most difference is in their functions. OK,following me to know them more better.
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  Firstly:The difference principle.
  It is use of the polarized lenses inside its body linear molecular arrangement,which filter out all kinds of damage and eyes glare.This is to say that it is through the linear polarized lens array in the molecule to carding those irregular reflection light,which will make our eye lights more clear and natural.
  The cheap Ray Bans sunglasses is also known as the sun mirror.Thus,when in outdoor activities,especial in hot summer,many people will use this to prevent strong sun.
  Secondly:The difference of the materials.
  Generally speaking,there are many polarized sunglasses with fiber clamping polarizing film.They are quite different from those optical polarized sunglasses because of its soft texture and arc bending instability.Once the lens assembly frame,its lens to achieve the optical refractive video will be standard, loose and deformation. Because the arc bending instability and resulting in deformation of the lens,which will cause the image distortion directly.
  However,different groups can chose different functions sunglasses according to their like to reduce the strong sun lights and UV.Another,it’s also the fundamental function to identification  traffic signals accurately.
  Thirdly:The difference of purposes.
  The main purpose of polarized is under specific conditions,which is to prevent ours eyes.Of course,if you are a driver that you’s better wear polarized,such as Fake Ray Bans .Because you will occur many glares when you drive.And this polarized is not only filter dizzle lights,but also filter reflect strong lights.This way is to relief drivers’ visual fatigue and is benefit for driving.
  In addition to this, Ray Ban polarized sunglasses can block 100% harmful rays.So it is main applied in many fields.For example, in medical treatment,which need a full range of protection with eye surgery of patients.We can say this is its optimize choice.Another,its also applied in driving,travel and daily wear.What’s more,it can prevent all harm when we take apart the outdoors activities,such as skiing, fishing, water sports etc.
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  All above,which is the differences of Ray Ban polarized and common sunglasses,do you get?I am here to hope you can find a pair of cheap Ray Ban sunglasses that are suitable for you! Ray Bans Outlet Store , Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale Online. Buy Cheap Knockoff Ray Ban Aviator, Clubmaster, Wayfarer, Cats Sunglasses with Free Shipping