Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Different styles of cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses

   As for the social evaluation of Cheap Ray Ban:form its found,the Ray-Ban sunglasses are always the best selling brand sunglasses.Why so many people choose to support this achievement?It must depend on its high quality and elegant deisgn of.Of course,with the company of Bausch and  Lomb innovation of optical technology,which makes high quality lens become the largerst seeling point of cheap fake Ray-Ban sunglasses.
 But I am here to ask all of you:do you know the styles of Cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses? Ok,following me!
 Firstly:Ray-Ban 3025.
 At the beginning,it’s designed for American pilot.Nowadays,it had been a classical.And the series of knockoff Ray-Ban 3025 have the classical teardrop shaped design,which combined perfectly with handsome style of pilot and the superior quality and its property.Another,the comfortable and classical gold lens frame can match different colors lens,which can offer 100%UV and more clear vision.And the RB3005 adapts lighter metal frame that can ban strong UV.Classical style,which is suitable for everyone.
 Secondly:Ray-Ban 3026.
 It’s true that the Replica Ray-Ban 3025 is same as Fake Ray-Ban 3026 to some degree.But their sizes are different.The Ray-Ban 3026 is more larger than Ray-Ban 3025.In fact,the size of Ray-Ban 3025 is 58-14,and Ray-Ban 3026 is 62-14.So people can choose their suitable size.Especial,the best cheap Ray-Ban 3026 is designed for larger face group.But the  fake Ray-Ban 3026 is also the light design and handsome appearance.
 Thirdly:Ray-Ban 4147.
 In Europe and America countries,they like choosing retro Ray Bans 4147.In this sunglasses,the models of P refers to partial polarized,which can stop UV and ban harmful lights.So it can protect our eyes and more our vision more clear.Especial for drivers.What’s mroe,the logo of lens leg of Ray Ban is very conspicuous, too.So we can say this type of fake Ray-Bans 4147 is splendid and posh.
 Fourthly:Ray-Ban 3016 clubmaster.
 This type sunglasses belongs to the series of club.And its appearance adapts retro style,which there are so many domestic stars wore it in dramas.So many years,this Ray-Ban 3016 clubmaster still lead in frontier and obtain many people’s recognition.It can also protect our eyes and filter harmful lights.It’s so handsome and cool that the retro metal Knockoff Ray Bans 3016 clubmaster.
 Fifthly:Ray-Ban 3447.
Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses

 The retro and round design,the sign of crystal lense are so nice.The thinner metal leg match with plastic foot cover,which bring excellent wearing feeling.Of course,its lens are standard and we can choose mirror lenses or polarized lenses.
 Besides the five series that given above,and there are other kinds of Ray Ban sunglasses for eveyone in sunglass store.Eternal design,simple patter and top style,so there is no doubt those are become the brand of Ray-Ban sunglasses imporatnt element when it still had experienced more than 70 years.
 No every sunglasses is Ray-Ban sunglasses,so are you ready? Get it Here :

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